Health & Safety

Attending a music festival is an amazing experience. Here are some tips to say safe and healthy while having a blast.

Party Safe. CONTACT is a drug-free environment and we do not condone and strongly advise against consuming illicit substances. In addition to being illegal they present many risks to your health, they should never be mixed with other drugs (e.g., alcohol, prescription drugs, energy drinks). Results may not be what you expect, and combining drugs can be risky. Especially avoid mixing drugs that lower your blood pressure or make you drowsy or sleepy (e.g., anti-depressants, opiates).

  1. Currently many substances being sold illegally within Canada contain substances that the buyers are not made aware of – these substances are extremely dangerous and people have been subject to harmful effects, even at low doses.
  2. If something doesn’t feel right we have help close at hand. You need to be honest with us and tell our medical team what you consumed (or think you consumed).
  3. Get medical help immediately if you or a friend experience one or more of the following symptoms: agitation, dizziness, confusion, bizarre behaviour, chest pain, headache, feeling unusually hot, breathlessness, excessive drowsiness, or seizures

Remember: Get help if you need it. We want all our fans to have a safe and fun experience we do not judge and are committed to ensuring we provide the help you need to have a GREAT time!